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The Manufacture of Whisky
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This antique guide explains the mashing, cooling, fermentation and distillation processes in the manufacturing of whiskey. Providing a fascinating insight into whiskey production methods in the nineteenth century, it is suitable for whiskey enthusiasts, distillers and historians of alcohol production methods alike. Contents include: Thomas Thomson; of The Manufacture of Whisky; 1. The Mashing; 2. The Cooling; 3. The Fermentation; 4. The Distilling. Thomas Thomson (1817-1878) was a Scottish botanist. Prior to his scientific interests he served with the British East India Company as a surgeon. He wrote several papers on geography and botany, and is often remembered for his contributions to the first volume of 'Flora indica', a significant nineteenth century work featuring descriptions of Indian plants. We are republishing this vintage text in a high quality, modern and affordable edition, complete with a specially written concise biography.

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