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A Lord´s Kiss Boxed Set, Books 1-4: A Lord´s Ki...
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Book 1: Last Chance for a Lord He´s kissed many ladies. This kiss, however, will be her first. After three years, Miss Emily Green is alone with the man she loves. The boy she once knew has grown into a notorious rake. A lady knows little about dealing with rogues. This rogue is about to get a lesson in dealing with a lady. Book 2: To Know a Lord´s Kiss A single kiss - real or false, either way, she is ruined. Francine isn´t in love with Baron Erwin, but at the end of her third season, he´s the only gentleman who has shown any interest in her. Come what may, she must find a husband. When rumor of a scandalous kiss between Francine and an unnamed duke reaches the baron´s ears, even Baron Erwin abandons her. Despite the rumor, Francine has never been kissed, and now she fears she never will be. Book 3: A Lord´s Dream Liza cannot forget the one and only kiss she´s ever had. Her father´s protege, the widowed Lord Thomas, doesn´t remember that kiss three years ago, for he was drowning his sorrow at the loss of his wife with whisky. Liza can no longer wait for him to notice her. All her friends are married, leaving her behind and with few opportunities to make the acquaintance of new gentlemen. Lord Thomas may not want her, but he might take pity on her and help her find a worthy gentleman. Liza only hopes her heart doesn´t break when he places her in the care of another man. Book 4: Deceived by a Lord Some lord´s lips are made to lie. Tilly is to come out this season, and if her social calls with her mother are any indication, her debut is sure to be a disaster. As if by magic, a gentleman appears who offers promises, and a kiss. Unfortunately, he´s too good to be true. Or is he? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Gwyn Olson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Cocktails aus dem Thermomix
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Raffinierte Gertränkevariationen: Mit Ihrem Thermomix wird das Mixvergnügen zu Hause perfekt! Im Nu können Sie zum Beispiel aus gefrorenen Früchten, Likör, Sirup, Sahne und Saft Ihren Cocktail mixen. Neben Cocktail-Klassikern, wie Pina Colada oder Touchdown, finden Sie auch leckere alkoholfreie Rezepte. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren und verzaubern Sie Ihre Gäste schon bald mit frisch gemixten Cocktails aus dem Thermomix. Titel Zusatz: - mit und ohne Alkohol - Autor(en): Wild, Corinna Kurzbeschreibung: Die Leckergemixt Rezepthefte für den Thermomix sind alle im DIN A5-Format mit Ringösenheftung. Die Rezepte sind alle erprobt und enthalten alle notwendigen Angaben wie z.B. Zeit, Temperatur und Geschwindigkeit. Die Hefte sind sehr ansprechend gestaltet und durchgehend vollfarbig mit schönen Rezeptbildern. Erscheinungsdatum: 17.03.2014 Auflage: 5., Aufl. Abmessungen: (H) 0,25 (B) 0.10 (T) 0.00 Gewicht in Gramm: 90 gr Seitenzahl: 35 Herausgeber: C.T.Wild Verlag Sprache: Deutsch Reihe: MixGenuss Inhaltsverzeichnis: Vorwort & Tipps Cocktails mit Alkohol:Pina Colada Sex on the Beach Kirsch-Hurrican Maya-Drink Golden Gate Red Lady Knallfrosch Feuerball Frozen Peach Daiquiri Acapulco-Dream Melonentraum Berliner HUGO Karibik-Cool Royal Mojito Grüner Traum Wodka-Erdbeer-Cocktail Lemon-Mandel-Drink Schnelle Eis-Frucht-Bowle Touch-Down Fruchtiger Most Hawaii-Cocktail Ananas-Sahne-Traum Himbeer-GlückSangria in Pink Whisky-Cooler Eskimo French-Cocktail Golden Daisy Mango-Cocktail Icetea Island Karibik-Feeling Occardi Poker-Face Basina de Cina Vanille-Sekt Exotic-Trip Big Mama Bellini Strawberry-Margarita Tiramisu-Cocktail Türkiser Traum Alkoholfreie CocktailsHimbeer-Cranberry-Zauber Himbeer-Crush-DrinkBonanza Athletic Ananas-Drink Koko-Ana Coconut-Kiss Coole Kiwi Ananas-Kräuter-Cocktail Barbardos-Flip Bananen-Mix Erdbeer-Limo-Spezial Kalorio-Fresh Autofahrer-Spritz Pink-Pearl-Drink Ingwer-Mix Joghurt-Zitronen-Shake Ananas-Kokos-Cocktail Einkaufstipps für Ihre Cocktailparty

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Schott Kember John - Scottish Folk Tunes - Cello
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69 Traditional PiecesContent : Histoire du violoncelle en Ecosse - Commentaires sur les airs - Les clefs de fa et d´ ut 4e ligne - Slow Airs & Laments: Sins Bhan - Chi Mi na Mòr-Bheanna - Cumha Mhic Shimidh - Mo Dhachaidh - Caol Muile - Bràigh Loch Ioll - Òran a´ Chaiòra - Tuireadh Ian Ruaidh - Lovely Stornoway - Leaving Stornoway - Fear a´ Bhàta - Mrs Hamilton of Pencaitland - The Flower of the Quern - The Music o´ Spey - Niel Gow´s Garewell to Whisky - Nathanial Gow´s Lament for the Death of his Brother - Highland Cradle Song - Lady Ann Hope´s Favourite - Lament for Flora MacDonald - Coilsfield House - Hector - Niel Gow´s Lament for the Death of his Second Wife - The Cradle Song - Niel Gow´s Lament for James Moray of Abercairney - Prince Charlie´s Last View of Scotland - Roslin Castle - The Waters of Kylesku - Ae Fond Kiss - Amazing Grace - Marches: Fr John MacMillan of Barra - Culloden Day - Dr Morrison´s Seven Thistles - Farewell to Nigg - Terribus - The Athole Highlanders - The Barron Rocks of Aden - The Battle of Waterloo - The Drunken Piper - The Glasgow Gaelic Club - The Meeting of the Waters - The Battle of the Somme - Strathspeys: Iomadh Rud Tha Dhith Orm - Louden´s Bonnie Woods and Braes - Perthshire Volunteers - The Iron Man - I Bhi Ada - The Laird of Drumblair - Reels: The De´ il Among the Tailors - The Wind that Shakes the Barley - The Spey in Spate - The Shepherd´s Crook - The Left Handed Fiddler - Sir Reginald MacDonald - Pretty Peggy - Miss Shepherd - Easy Club Reel - Janine´ s Reel - Jigs: Cork Hill - Hamilton House - Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston - The Kilt is My Delight - The Muckin´ o´ Geordie´ s Byre - The 6th Suite Jig - Polkas: Queen Victoriy´s Diamond Jubilee - I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue - Hornpipes: The Mathematician - The Streaker - Quickstep: The Lovat Scouts - BonnieSeries : Schott World Music

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Elvis Presley - Elvis At The Movies (8-DVD)
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PAL, Code 2, English G.I. Blues King Creole Blue Hawaii Girls! Girls! Girls! Paradise, Hawaiian Style Fun In Acapulco Easy Come, Easy Go Roustabout G.I. Blues The year was 1960. A payola scandal shocks the music world. Movie fans are introduced to glorious Smell- 0 - Vision. The 50-star flag is adopted. And in G.I. Blues, Elvis adopts an on-screen persona he knows well in real life–a singin´ G.I. in West Germany. Eager to open a stateside nightclub after his hitch in khakis, he takes part in a wager to raise the dough he needs. The bet: he can melt the iceberg heart of a willowy dancer (Juliet Prowse). But all bets may be off when real love intervenes... King Creole The year was 1958. Everybody´s datin´ at the drive-in. America launches its first satellite. The novel Lolita stirs up controversy. And Elvis Presley gives Bourbon Street a new beat in King Creole. He plays a troubled youth whose singing sets the French Quarter rockin´. With a sweet girl to love him and night clubbers cheering, it looks like Elvis will shake off his past and head for the top. But will a mobster (Walter Matthau) and his man-trap moll (Carolyn Jones) snare him in a life of crime? Blue Hawaii The year was 1961. Fallout shelters dot suburban backyards. Ken joins Barbie. Roger Maris slugs 61 home runs. And Elvis Presley is in paradise, playing an ex-G.I. who comes home to Blue Hawaii. His mother (Angela Lansbury) expects him to climb the corporate ladder. But Elvis would rather wear an aloha shirt than a white collar, so he goes to work as a tour guide. Lucky Elvis: his first customers are a car full of cuties. Elvis, lovely scenery, lovelier girls and rock-a-hula songs—now that´s paradise! Girls! Girls! Girls! The year was 1962 Teens twist at the Peppermint Lounge. John Glenn orbits Earth. Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a single game. And Elvis digs the possibilities of Girls! Girls! Girls! This time he´s a charter-boat skipper who helps tourists land the big ones. Of course, plenty of beautiful girls (including Stella Stevens) want to land Elvis. But there´s something Elvis likes almost as much as romance - a boat! He yearns for a sleek sailboat with a $10,000 price tag. Let´s see, that makes him about $9,999 short. Paradise, Hawaiian Style The year was 1966. A little-known series called Star Trek.´ beams up. Valley of the Dolls is the hot book. Half of all TVs sold are colour sets. And in Paradise, Hawaiian Style, Elvis takes to the skies over the island paradise of Kauai. He´s a partner in a helicopter charter service. Romance, naturally, is in the air for the King...but his business may be grounded. A threatened suspension of his pilot´s license means he may have to kiss his assets goodbye. Star TrekTm and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Fun In Acapulco The year was 1963. The hot line links the White House and the Kremlin. The first major pop art exhibition stirs up a major buzz. The Whisky-A-Go-Go opens. And in Fun In Acapulco, Elvis heads south of the border, where he´s fired as a boat hand, hired as a lifeguard and singer, admired by local beauties (including Ursula Andress) and inspired to jump off a 136-foot cliff. Put another way: he overcomes a fear of heights in spectacular fashion. Spectacular, too, are the scenic vistas and Latin-beat tunes. Dive in! Easy Come, Easy Go The year was 1967. It´s Packers vs. Chiefs in the first Super Bowl. Twiggy is a supermodel sensation. America´s 100,000,000th telephone is installed. And Elvis dives for dollars in Easy Come, Easy Go. On his last day in the Navy, frogman Elvis discovers a sunken treasure ship. On his first day as a civilian, Elvis starts his new job – self-employed treasure hunter! Fans will dig these treasures, too: rockin´ tunes, romance with a go-go dancer, underwater action, and The King twisted like a human pretzel at a groovy ´60s yogafest! Co-starring Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein(. Roustabout The year was 1964. The miniskirt is in. If you can´t Watusi, you can´t dance. Cassius Clay (soon to be Muhammad Ali) claims the heavyweight crown. And Elvis is a karate chopping biker who´s hired as a carnival Roustabout. At first he just provides muscle and a diversion for the beautiful carny girls. Then he picks up a guitar and gets the midway rockin´. Looks like this talented tough guy may be what the good-hearted owner (Barbara Stanwyck) needs to save her travelling show from bankruptcy. Contains mild sex references and

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